Sunday I got the pebble. Black $99 at BestBuy. IMG_2383

It is a pretty neat watch. 148×168 pixels. 4 buttons. Not touch sensitive. Needs phone to connect to web.

Developement is made very easy by Pebble. Very nice interface and a variety of programming approahes.
C and JS or Pebble.JS Tutorials are very good and a lot source can be found on Git.

Tutorial 1. Get 2 bits of weather info from OpenWeatherMap

I did it using C and JS.


So far so good.


Smartwear, specifically smartwarches, I am going to check it out.
It seems I have just gotten the bit of inspiration I needed to get involved with it.
Also, makes for a nice new years resolution. So here it goes.

So the plan will be to see what is involved in making an app or an app face for a smartwatch.

Here are my recent findings.

  • Watches are still a bit on the expensive side.
  • I have to figure out how to get one to be able to develop on one.
    (even pebble is $99).
  • watch “face” apps seem to be popular.
  • Unfortunately the watch that I would want for my brother is only water proof for a meter of water and for not too long time. (also $250).
  • Apple will be coming with one soon. Don’t know how expensive.
  • Samsung is going with new OS tizen not android.

here are some links FYI to get started.>

android. programmy stuff. api and such

computerworld reviews

android wear

The surf face

Consumer Reports

PayPal and Pebble

Pebble developer stuff.

A little Motorola Fun


I hope you find it useful. This will serve to track/document my progress or lack of it. I welcome comments, questions, information, your own experience, and inspirations. Thank you. Luis Fonseca

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