Browser Game 1

Browser Game 1  (Part A of First Game).

Review items from previous session!

Review Activity extras 2.


Our playing field and players.

We will be using  Stencyl.  A programing interface (PI).

and we will be using the     “Crash Course: Let’s Make a Game” tutorial as our guide.

Before we click.  Let’s review a few things!

A game kit – A set  of pre created  ‘things’ that we will use in the creation of our game.  Pre created things can be:   images,  sounds,  instructions.

A game kit helps us get to the building of our game faster.   Later we can modify

the images,  sounds, instructions, the way we want them.   For now let us use the

game kit.  

– – –

Dashboard  – Your control design center.

Create game.

Need: game name 

Size of screen:  640 x 480

Create Scene –  Where the game takes place.

Scene name =  Level1

It will pick up the size of the screen.

You can choose a color if you like.      press enter.

you will see  a rectangle   – that is your scene –  level1

icons on the left.

arrow, pencil, bucket,  grid, bell bars, gray square, yellow square,  plus and minus.

arrow – point to things and make it active.

pencil – for moving things around.

that is all that is needed now.

labels on top  –

Scene, Behavior, Events, Physics, Atlases, Properties.

Scene – Where things happen.

Behavior – A set of instructions.   It is like a function.  It can be used many times.

Events –  An action to be done.   Many different reason.

Physics – It gives things movement.

Don’t worry about the other right now.



Actor Types






Actor Behaviors

Save Game

Test Game –  Creates the game as a Flash file.  and usually show a log file.

Test Scene – Creates the scene as a Flash file

Ok  go and click on  CrashCourse….  or here.  and let us start.

When at a good finish point.

Review what has happened.

Plan for next session.

Activity Extras 3 .

Preparation for  on-line assitance.    —  Skype?   Hangout? or other.

Fixed time?  Arranged time?

Can have upto 3  Important questions about the development.

Any thing that might help if  ‘stuck’.

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