Student and Teacher

The first session is for stundent and teacher   to get to know each other.  To get an idea of desired objectives by both student and teacher.

To understand how to these goals might be achieved.


Teacher-Student activities will be outlined as well as the idea of  “Extra activities”.   What equipment is needed.

Please note: Proper parenting/house or school safety procedures need to be carried out every time a minor  (and sometimes, even an adult)

uses the internet.   I will post links to external content.  I will try to make sure it is ‘safe’  but can not take responsability for what can be found.

Students,  please do not give out any private information at a site.  Specially if you don’t really know it.



Equipment needed:

Wi-Fi/Internet access to,  and a computer  (please do not use a computer that is used for other important things.  Sometimes things happen

that might make the computer unusable.   I know  and back-up important items.  (I know, and I still got set-back because I did not properly back- up)) .


Mac’s or PC’s.    Equipment will dictate what kind of  games will be made.

mobile device;  cell phone or tablet.     Necessary  cables and adapters.


Robot,  Smartwatch.


Extra Activity:


Write down 5 things that a video game should have.



Make a “Game Plan”  for the sessions.


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